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Monday, November 22, 2010

Jumong / The Book of Three Han / The Prince of Legend / 朱蒙 / 삼한지-주몽 편

Jumong / The Book of Three Han / The Prince of Legend / 朱蒙 / 삼한지-주몽 편

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Ratings: Must Watch. This drama made waves in Asia, trust the hype!
Episodes: 81
Air Date: 2006
Song Il Gook as Jumong
(Michael King in A Man Called God)
(Moo Hyul in Kingdom of the Winds)
(Harry in Lobbyist)
(main guy in the movie Art of Seduction)

* Im Dae Ho as fratele Yang Tae (fratele Hyoppo in Jumong)
* Han Hye Jin as Soh Suh No
(main girl in Be Strong, Geum Soon! and Jejoongwon)

Kim Seung Soo as Prince Dae So

People I recognized from other dramas:
Hu Joon Ho as General Hae Mo Su
(James Lee in Lobbyist)

Kyun Mi Ri as Queen Wan Hoo
(Pil-Seong's wife in Running Turtle)

Chuno characters that I recognized from other dramas:
Yoon Dong Hwan as Yang Jung (Chinese emissary in Chuno, it's funny that he always plays the Chinese guy in these sageuks)

Jumong is the third prince of Bu Yeo but unknown to him is that he is the son of General Hae Mo Su, a hero who fought against the Han to save the refugees. Upon learning the truth, Jumong vows to fulfill his father's dream and with the help of Lady So Seo No, he succeeds in overcoming all obstances and becoming the first king of Goguryeo.more info



Carmen said...

Aici este alt serial, diferit de Jumong, serialul bine cunoscut, pe care il mai aveti postat odata?

Anonymous said...

la Starring:
People I recognized from other dramas:
- Jun Kwang Ryul as King Geum Wa (dr. Hur Jun)
- la Kyun Mi Ri as Queen Wan Hoo
(Pil-Seong's wife in Running Turtle)si Lady Hye Kyeong (Yi San's mother)in Yi San (Furtuna la palat)si Lady Choi in Giuvaierul Palatului-Dae Jang-geum;
- Lee Jae Yong as minister Boo Deuk Bool (ministrul Jang Tae Woo in Yi San);
- Im Dae Ho as Hyoppo (fratele Yang Tae in dr. Hur Jun);
- Jung Ho Bin as Woo Tae (maestrul Moon No in Secretele de la Palat - Great Queen Seondeok);

Anonymous said...

That is very romantic. When did the series started? Does the movie have a sound track because I want to listen to it on my waterproof mp3 player when I'm swimming.

Negrisor said...

Va rog frumos, lipsesc 4 episoade - 21, 25, 26, 27. Unde pot sa le gasesc ? Multumesc

Antone Marian said...

@Negrisor: O sa le caut dar nu stiu daca le mai am.

Negrisor said...

Si 29 lipseste. Deci 5 cu totul - 21, 25, 26, 27, 29. Poate le gasiti totusi, ca sa fie serialul complet. Multumesc.

Negrisor said...

Am reusit astazi sa termin de incarcat tot serialul. Imi pare rau ca nu il am pe tot, dar trebuie sa spun, tot respectul pentru munca celui care a pus episod cu episod pentru ca oricine vrea sa se poata bucura de acest serial. Eu nu-mi pierd speranta ca poate se gasesc si episoadele lipsa. Acum continui cu Regatul Vantului, poate ne mai vedem pe undeva...

Negrisor said...

Trec in fiecare zi pe aici, in speranta ca imi completez episoadele lipsa...

Negrisor said...

Tot eu. Revin cu rugamintea de a pune episoadele lipsa 21, 25, 26, 27, 29. Sau spuneti-mi macar va rog, daca se poate, de unde as putea sa le incarc. Multumesc.

Antone Marian said...

@Negrisor: As vrea sa le am sincer dar nu exista. Eventual in lb engleza daca exista pe undeva sa vad.