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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Return Of Iljimae 돌아온 일지매

Return Of Iljimae
A new korean series movie.
Un nou serial korean superb, dar pacat ca are doar 24 episoade in total. Pentru orice problema lasa-ti-mi mesaj pe youtube.

P.S. Vil recomand tuturor. Stiu ca o sa va placa, fiindca mie mi-a placut.

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The Return of Iljimae is the result of the popular and original series 'Iljimae' which was played by Lee Joon-Ki. In this new version, Iljimae (Jung Il-Woo), returns to the small screen to play the hero during the Chosun dynasty. Iljimae, by no means, had an easy life; forced to abandonment at birth Iljimae was eventually shipped to China to be adopted by a kind family. However, he later discovers the truth after believing he was Chinese and the biological son of his 'parents.' This drama will take you to a journey back to Korea where he tries to find his biological mother...and save lives while doing so. Other twists in the plot include Wol-Hee (Yoon Jin-Suh) who happens to look identical to Iljimae's first love, and the fact that his mother is now a gisaeng (lady entertainer) who happens to have caught the eye of an official...

This beautiful and artistic drama will take you to a different era where love, hope, and heroic deeds exist, because of Iljimae.

Return Of Iljimae 1-2
Return Of Iljimae 3-

Monday, March 29, 2010

Emisiuni TV = TV Shows

Aici vor fi toate emisiunile TV. Here are all TV shows.

Click Here / Click Aici

Friday, March 26, 2010

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Chatting For all my guest :D

Chatting For all my guest :D

Intrati aici ca sa putem cominica prin chat. Scrieti doar nickname si dai enter/login.

Filme coreene chat

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jumong - Prince of the Legend 주몽

Aici se vor afla toate episoadele de la filmul "Jumong", asta daca o sa va placa.

You are about to go back to the time of Goguryeo, a time which was bigger than now.
‘A time when our nation was the most beautiful’, ‘A time when our nation was the center of the world’. Have you ever met such a time?! dares to journey into a time no one has ever gone back to. The most surprising time in history has come back 2000 years later, a time when the nation made China fall down to their knees and when we fought other nations without any fear.

Meet a hero bigger than the myth.
Alexander, Genghis Khan, we have the hero who overwhelmed his generation and changed history, Jumong! Up to now we have been used to dramas dealing with the history of kings and knights but now we are about to challenge in creating a drama with the birth of a true hero. A name only remembered as a myth. Get ready to meet Jumong, the hero who opened up the skies of the Old Joseon, which was once ours, by fighting thousands and thousands of armies.

Meet the love even bigger than the history.
‘Love’ seems to be the one common denominator across people of all generations and nations. ‘Love’ gets swept away with the waves of time and also gets hurt with biased views in societies, but it also creates a new kind of history by wrestling against adversity and the trials of time. True love, which is uncommonly seen in history, is re-drawn through the drama of our once forgotten history.
Through the wisdom and courage of Korea’s first queen So Seo-no… Jumong11.part1.rar.html

Jumong from 18 to 64

Jumong from 65

What are anal beads and how to use.

What are anal beads and how to use.

Anal beads are a type of "toy" for women and men used for a good introduction to anal sex for beginners. The cheap anal beads it here. These anal beads are smooth sphere usually made of silicone or plastic. Like a necklace of pearls, these anal beads are connected each other by a piece of nylon cord or other durable material, at one end of them contain a ring for their removal easier. Some anal beads are soft to the touch, but are other models in which the material is one firm. These beads are placed one by one into the anus of the person concerned. When orgasm (or any other time), they are taken with that ring positioned on their end.

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Insert a link

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Super Servere de Counter Strike 1.6 de la

Super servere de Counter Strike 1.6 de la
Servere de toate tipurile. Exemplele sunt mai jos:

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tips for a dream orgasm.

Tips for a dream orgasm.

We all know that orgasm is cyclical response during sexual activity, which can be obtained by both partners, sometimes at the same time. Orgasm is actually an intense physical pleasure controlled the autonomic nervous system involuntary, rapid cyclic contractions characterized by lower pelvic muscles, around the genitals and the anal orifice.

Women reach orgasm more difficult than men mainly because of the complexity genitalia. Here are some ideas for an unforgettable climax:

• Detaches away from everyday problems and eliminate stress and nervousness. Focuses you more on the intimate connection between you and your partner.

• Relax your muscles all the body. Women have a need for a relaxation time longer before the sex begins. Music is a remedy against stress. Spoil yourself with a warm bath, light some scented candles and let your mind and body to enjoy the atmosphere.

• Do not let distracted / A if sex. Remove all objects from home that you draw eyes, turn out the light (if you uncomfortable) and especially, not having sex with the TV on. These factors often prevent them women (and men) to reach orgasm.

• Rest. Silence and rest are very important before beginning a sexual act, because it is easier to reach orgasm when you go and you are full / of life.

• Know your body! If you know which are your erogenous zones and you focus on them during sex, you will definitely reach climax faster than you expect. Must have held your control over your body and you learn and your partner.

• Communicate with your partner. Tell him what you enjoy and how you see a game of perfect sex. Nobody can guess what you make you happy, so good to express yourself freely, without fear.

• Concentrate on the sexual act itself. Orgasm is more intense when combined fantasies with reality, so good that when sex was and imagine how you satisfy your partner.

• Control your vaginal muscles. Contracting vaginal muscles is very important for achieving vaginal orgasm, because this action increases the intensity of blood circulation in the genital area, that increases arousal.

• Hold your breath. Controlling your breathing is also important to obtain an orgasm.

• Do not limit yourself! Many people suffer because they got the impression that orgasm is the best penetration. Wrong! Stimulating the clitoris (either manually or orally), and then the actual penetration, with rhythmic movements, low-intensity first and then, with a high frequency, cause orgasm.

• Cancel the complex and inhibitions. Your body is perfect as it is during sex. Feel comfortable and stop your focus on flaws.

• Do not avoid using games and sex toys. They will increase the intensity of sexual pleasure and will ease the path to a great orgasm.

And do not forget, not limited to one position when you have sex sex! Different angles increased significantly pentrare quality sex and helps to achieve orgasm.

For more details see: best sex toy for women