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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Christmas in August (1998-South Korea)

Christmas in August (1998-South Korea)

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* Movie: Christmas in August
* Hangul: 8월의 크리스마스
* Revised romanization: Palwolui Christmas
* Director: Jin-ho Heo
* Writer: Jin-ho Heo, Seung-ook Oh
* Producer:
* Cinematographer Yeong-gil Yu
* Release Date: January 24, 1998 (South Korea)
* Runtime: 97 min.
* Language: Korean
* Country: South Korea
*Subtitle..........: RomanianTraducerea ºi adaptarea:


Somewhere in Seoul, Jung-Won runs a small shabby photo studio. A humble shack passed down from his widower father, the studio is a space where Jung-Won goes about with his daily routine of dealing with fussy customers, enlarging photos of class heartthrobs for the ncontinuare


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