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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to get a girlfriend

What is the secret that you can attract the ideal lover (a woman) or ideal love (for a man)? How can you find the person best suited for you, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Even this person really exist? We all want a perfect love, even if we do not at all clear to me that being the image we seek the opposite sex (if we have not yet found it).

Every relationship can be a mirror in which we can look objectively and when we are honest enough may even be hidden by a gate to enter the depths of our own being. Therefore, the best way to attract the ideal person is primarily that we should know ourselves. Once we can discover what we like, what we want or rather, what we dislike, we begin to communicate with the outside much easier, and to better understand others and, naturally, and naturally, to predict increasingly clear that we are people with more affinity and are more compatible.

Some do not believe all the myth soul mate, while others spend a lifetime venture in search of soul mates. There are some secrets that can help to meet the man or woman before whom / which to exclaim, "Exactly what I was looking for."

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