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Friday, June 11, 2010

More Than Blue - 슬픔보다 더 슬픈 이야기

More Than Blue - 슬픔보다 더 슬픈 이야기

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More Than Blue
SUBTiTLE...: English+RomanianCarina72 - Subtitrari-noi Team

"Kay and Cream first meet each other in high school & both are orphans; Kay was abandoned by his parents who nevertheless left him a sizable sum of money, while Cream lost her entire family in a traffic accident. The two become soulmates and come to share a home, though Kay watches Cream switch from boyfriend to boyfriend as he keeps his own feelings for her to himself. Knowing that Cream's biggest fear is to be left alone, Kay keeps the fact that he has terminal cancer as a secret, and instead he urges her to marry a kind and healthy man. When Cream announces that she is in love with affluent doctor Joo-hwan, Kay is left heartbroken, but is satisfied that she has met her ideal partner.."


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