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Friday, March 12, 2010

Insert a link

Insert a link

- Creating links and anchors --
One of the basic features of HTML is that the structure of publications in a collection of links exist between the documents, passing from one document to another, making it through them. For more detalies you can see link wheel service.Ties, depending on where the login status is now files are:

> internal-if now is the one section of the same file;
> local-if files are on the same computer, any computer on the same local network;
> remove the files if the computer was connected in different networks (on remote servers).
> One of the things on the web is to create links to other pages, whether they are of you, whether they are elsewhere. Order FrontPage is "Insert / Hyperlink" from the main menu.

The connections are made through marking , with the following syntax:

explanatory text

HREF attribute that contains the file path to that show now (HREF is short for hypertext reference);
filename: filename to which it is now
Explanatory text: Link to file is requested by selecting the text (click on the text explanation). Text is displayed differently than the rest of the document (different color and underlined).

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