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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Choosing hair brush.

Choosing hair brush.

I hate to comb my hair. I had a roommate in students who do not dress (that does not mean not wash or other horrors of this), that until one day when her mother came to visit us at home and she had to go to university and was forced to combine, or else the poor woman did not understand.
I always comb my hair, not that I would help anything because my hair looks better before than after the operation, but ... is an automatic learned in childhood.
I hate to see threads that remain in the brush, I pull the head to disentangle him sometimes, and then discover it was all electrified and be forced to put mousse or hairspray and it deteriorate. Blamed on poor hair, but he was not guilty but me and brush they use.
IF you want buy for you visit these page and buy all what you need COMB AND MANY MORE CLIPS FOR YOUR HAIR.
Combed objects are very important to keep the hair neat and bright. Sometimes we seem to throw money out the window, but a quality brush, although expensive, is worth to them will have visible effects on our ornaments capillaries.
It is recommended flexible brushes, rubber, or natural bristled with wooden teeth positioned at moderate distance from each other. If you prefer a comb also choose one of the rare wooden teeth. And choose a hair dryer to dry round brush that allows the hot air passing through it.
When you comb not mean separation and treating each hair only separate sale of any nodes and offer a pleasant aspect capillary ornaments. For loops whose size round brush used to choose one depending on how big you want to have Waves. If you have long hair and thick choose a wide brush, pallet with rare teeth. And remember, it is better to comb hair as wet.

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