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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Electronic cigarette!

Cheaper, healthier, more elegant!
Why electronic cigarette? For:

- You can quit smoking easily whenever you want
- Harmless! There was no danger of cancer or cardiovascular disease.
- Monthly costs are up 20% from those of conventional cigarettes (see calculation cost - page
- It is more elegant and more comfortable
- Looks like a cigarette, taste and smell of tobacco, faithfully reproduce the feeling of smoking.
- Keeps its white teeth (no longer make tar)
- Unpleasant breath odor disappears, the clothes, the
- Disappear coughing and a bitter taste in the mouth.
- There are no ashes, so no mess
- No more blackened walls
- You can smoke anywhere and anytime, including in places where smoking is prohibited Classic:
(plane, train, office, super market, gas stations, etc.) and no fire risk
- And many other benefits ...
Be smart, electronic and a quit smoking soon.

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1 comment:

electronic cigarette said...

Although some of these statements are true like no ashes and looks like a cigarette, it is not true that these are proven quit smoking devices or that they are harmless. I am sure they are much much better than tobacco cigarettes, but the electronic cigarette should not be marketed in such a way. It is simply a smoking alternative.