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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Earn points from Referrals with Yavrim

Earn points from Referrals

" Details: This is a very straight forward method to earn points, similar to Banners exchange. Below you have a link which you can show to people. Everytime someone creates an account via your link, we send 75 visitors to your site, therefore, you are helping us and we are helping you back. In fact, we are giving you x75 times more. Please note: The user you refer must collect minimum of 10 points before you receive your 75 points. (This proves that your referral is not just an attempt by you to win points!).

Traffic from Referrals
1. We will send 75 visitors to your site if you send 1 visitor to us and they create an account.
2. If the visitor you send to us does not earn a minimum of 10 points, then, this visitor is not considered valid. We applied this limit, because some members try to earn points by just creating random accounts.
3. When someone clicks on your Referral link, they land here at Our system sets a cookie so that we make sure you will earn your Referral points.
4. Even if the visitor (who you send to us) closes the page and comes back later, you will still earn your Referral points because the cookie will do the job!
5. The Referral cookie expires in 24 hours.
6. The idea behind Referrals is us helping each other. You help us by linking to us, and we help you by linking to you. If you attempt to cheat the system, means that you are not a trust worthy member.
7. Did you notice that we give you x75 that which you give us? "

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